WOD: 1-9-13

WOD L1: 3 rounds for max reps:

1 min AMRAP max Cal Row
1 min AMRAP Wall Balls (14/10)
1 min AMRAP of Double Unders

WOD L2:  3 rounds for max reps:

1 min AMRAP max Cal Row
1 min AMRAP Wall Balls (20/14)
1 min AMRAP of Double Unders

Post WOD:  5 min AMRAP of: 1-arm Plank Hold

Going for the least amount of switches possible


The nutty/fruity talk…

Nuts are these fantastically crunchy snacks that are both savory and satisfying.  Roasted nuts have an intense aroma that can turn any frown upside down.  Any actual nuts (no peanuts) can be a delicious way to treat yourself in a delightful and still paleo friendly way.  The only problem with nuts is that if you read the last few sentences, you will have come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t eat one nut, but many.  With how scrumptious they are, nuts are difficult to eat in the correct portions.  In fact, one serving (as per the macronutrient balanced diet known as “The Zone Diet”) of cashews is 2.  Two as in the number that comes after the first and only number preceding it!  Serving size for a macadamia nut is “a”…as in “a” macadamia nut.  For almonds it is three and now you are getting a much better picture of where nuts fall in the world of paleo.  So when you think nuts, think mayonnaise.  You are never going to take a handful of mayonnaise down the hatch and desire more.

Fruits are mother nature’s form of candy.  Please take that in the most literal sense that you can because it is exactly right.  The sucrose and fructose inside each yummy piece of fruit will affect your body in the same ways that sugars from candy will.  The body will not differentiate between sources because all sugars will be broken down to their simplest form and processed in the same way.  So before you eat a whole watermelon for your paleo lunch, be mindful that sugar is still sugar.  A good rule of thumb would be 1-2 pieces of fruit a day to ensure that you avoid replaced candy with nature candy.

Tomorrow we will talk about breaking habits,



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